Pilkington Planar™,  the world’s leading structural glass system has evolved from the original patch plate system pioneered by Pilkington over 40 years ago.

With a proven track record in the most demanding applications, the Pilkington Planar™  system lets architects create a complete glass envelope for buildings, with façades on any plane. Which means you can build highly attractive working environments with more light and a greater feeling of space. Support structures, located internally or externally, can be as subtle or as dominant as you require.  Support can be derived from glass mullions, a conventional steel construction, or the highly versatile Pilkington Planar™ Tension Structure  design or even a combination of all such schemes.

Quality is assured by the use of Pilkington glass, with fabrication and design carried out in an ISO 9001 certiἀed manufacturing facility in St Helens, UK. Operating under the BBA quality plan and ISO 14001 environmental management system, this factory is the only one in the world that is dedicated solely to structural glass systems. Further reassurance comes from our heritage. The world leader in glass manufacture since 1826, Pilkington supports constant innovation with sophisticated research and the most rigorous product testing programmes.

This Double Glazed Pilkington ‘Planar’ Facade at Marks & Spencers, Belfast, captures the appeal of the ‘Planar’ system. It is clean, clutterfree, technically sophisticated and visually striking.

On the Donegal Place Entrance, 2 pairs of Dor-O-Matic “Astro-slide” Automatic doors have been integrated with the ‘Planar’ Screen. These are supplied independently of the Pilkington Package.